Michael McCloskey

President and Chief Scientist
M.S. in Psychology from the University of Dayton
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton

Mike is grateful for the privilege of studying and supporting decision makers in over 100 military and commercial domains over the past 25 years, ranging from intelligence analysts and Special Operations Forces to computer hackers and cyber-security personnel, to intelligence analysts and firefighters.  He speaks both psychology and engineering and enjoys helping to bridge the gap between these often-disconnected worlds.  In his free time, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, backpacking, playing several sports poorly, and eating the hottest foods on the planet.

Thomas Beresford

B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology

Thom brings a systems engineering approach to operational problems while focusing on the human need. With over 25 years as an electrical, systems, and computer science engineer, he prides himself on the ability to understand the system details ranging from ones and zeros to user capability and knowledge requirements. Thom’s 18 plus years of supporting Cognitive Science and Human Factors Engineers focused on a variety of U.S. Air Force missions, and have provided him with on the job training in the best practices in human centered engineering.

Julio Mateo

Senior research scientist 
M.S. in Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University
B.S. in Psychology from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

Julio enjoys immersing himself in new domains to better understand the cognitive demands and expertise of end-users. He then applies this understanding to the development of training methods, decision support tools, and workspace designs to enhance end-users’ capabilities and performance. Recently, Julio has focused on understanding, training, assessing, and supporting complex cognitive skills, such as systems thinking and cross-cultural competence, in military domains. Outside of work, Julio likes to spend his time traveling, meeting new people, volunteering, drinking espresso at local coffee shops, and playing competitive sports.

Scott Cone


M.S. in Human Factors Psychology from Wright State University
B.A. in Experimental Psychology from Miami University

Scott blends cognitive science and computer science to create human-machine teaming solutions. His goal is to combine of the power of human perception and cognition with the power of autonomous technologies. Over the past 34 years, he has developed solutions for intelligence analysis, multi – UAV control, complex mission planning, team coordination, automotive information systems, military cockpits, and other applications. He currently specializes in developing computer vision technologies for military use.

Eli Mcpheron 

B.S. in Business Management from University of Phoenix 

Eli has worked Air Force intelligence missions since 2005. He is focused on advancing the integration of intelligence research, imagery analysis, computer vision, and data science to solve intelligence problems. He is passionate about researching intelligence problems, analyzing data, and writing code to deploy state of the art tools, object detection models, and large language models. He has recently become a dad and spends much of his time with his family, traveling, or outside in the garden.

Kate Miller

B.A. in Art History from the University of Delaware

Kate Miller is the office manager for 361 Interactive, LLC. She focuses her time on three basic aspects of operations: employee support, project tracking, and account maintenance. Within employee support, Kate handles weekly time sheets, bi-monthly payroll, and employee benefits.

Dave Kancler

M.A. in Human Factors Psychology/Experimental Design from University of Dayton
B.A. in Psychology from Ohio University

Dave brings over 25 years of experience in the Human Factors and Human Performance Testing domains, with an extensive background in user requirements definition, interface design, laboratory testing, and field evaluation.  Over his career, Dave has been involved with numerous end-user communities, including intelligence analysts, UAV operators, mission planners, and aircraft maintenance technicians.  As a Human Factors professional, Dave places an emphasis on including the end-user early and often throughout the design process.


Aniko Grandjean

Research Associate
B.A. in English Literature From Loyola University Chicago 

Aniko has been working for 361 Interactive off and on since 2007. She provides immeasurable value in a wide variety of ways including research, experimentation, data collection, organization and analysis, editing and project management/administration, and facilitating customer/sponsor engagement/relations. In her free time, she loves hiking in nature, being with her husband, son, and two kitties, practicing yoga and meditation, and generally spreading positivity and compassion in the world. 


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